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Change Team: 
Practice on Wednesday
by posted 11/22/2021

Hey team,

A bit late but here we are a couple days from Thanksgiving!

What a fun game on Saturday, we actually really looked like we knew what we were doing!!!  If we keep doing what we did last week and keep working hard we shape up to be really competitive with the other teams.  Huge compliment to the kids - we had people asking to take a quick break and willing to sub in and out at every position.  Swapping goalies, getting different people in at different times, and often in spots where they haven't been worked out really well.

This week: Jim and I will be at the rink for our normal practice time.  If you want to come on up, please do - if you are booked up with travel and family please don't sweat it (even though we are likely more fun).

If we don't see you, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!  If we do - well we'll see you Wednesday!


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Opening Day!
by posted 11/19/2021

Sorry for the late message!  Opening day for the Senators tomorrow and it looks like it will be chilly, but dry.  Our game is a @ 12:00 versus the Hurricanes.  This should be a pretty even matchup and give us a chance to shake the dust off and see how we can get the team playing together.

We will be playing on Rink 2, closest to the Flag Football/Softball fields.  Look for us outside the rink near the woods, we'll get together and make sure that we let the team before us out of the bench before we go in there.

  • Dress warm (this is mostly for you parents)
  • Try to wear a dark top layer - uniforms should be in right after Thanksgiving
  • Bring your water (and take it home with you)
  • Please encourage the kids to just have fun.  Win, lose, draw - we are going to do everything that we can to make sure that we're having fun out there.

Two serious notes that hopefully we don't talk about all season after this, but I need to say them:

  • The safety of the kids is first and foremost.  We will not tolerate unsafe play that puts your kids, our kids, or anyone's kids at risk of being injured.  Things happen during contact sports but there is a difference between playing hard and playing unnecesarily rough.  If it's play from our team, we will pull the player off the rink until we feel they are calm and ready to return.  If the play is from the other team we will take any measure we need to make sure it is handled.
  • Be good to the Refs.  (Yes, It kills me to say this). But they will likely be High School kids who could be home sleeping all day, love the game of hockey, are making just a little pocket money, and who remember that people did this for them too.  It never hurts to thank them either.

Otherwise you'll hear us hooting and hollering from the bench tomorrow!


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