Moorestown Youth Street Hockey MYSHA

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How much does it cost to register ?

The Registration Fees are indicated on the Registration Form. There is a family discount with families registering siblings.

What equipment is needed ?

Helmet with full face cage, shin & knee pads, elbow pads, hockey gloves, plastic or fiberglass bladed stick, sneakers for street hockey or rollerblades for roller hockey, mouth guards and cups are all mandatory for maximum safety during play and practice. Any additional equipment is optional.

Where can I get this equipment ?

Sports Authority, Dicks, Play it Again Sports, or check the web page for used equipment for sale.

When will practices be ?

Practices will be held before the season begins and will be held at the Coach's discretion during the season. Practice Schedules will be posted on the MYSHA Web Page

When does the season run ?

Street hockey games begin the first week in December and run until March. Roller hockey games run during June & July

When will games be held ?

Street hockey games will be held weekends, all day Saturday, and Sunday after 12:00 p.m.

Roller hockey games are held mostly weeknites with few weekend games.

When will I hear what team I am on ?

Your child’s coach will call you 2-3 weeks after registration. Team assignments will be posted on the MYSHA Web Page

When will jerseys be given out ?

Jerseys will be handed out to all players at their 1st game by their coaches.

How will I know if the game is cancelled ?

Your coach will call or e-mail; if time permits cancellations will be listed on the web page

When do make up games take place ?

As soon as we can fit them into the schedule. If time permits, make up games will be listed on the web page

When do playoffs start ?

Playoffs start immediately (the next day/night) after the last regular season game in that division is played. This depends on any games needed to be made up due to cancellations from weather. They will run consecutively each night until the series is over.

How does the playoff series work ?

A double elimination format will be used. All teams will make the playoffs.

What do the winners get ?

1st place trophies will be given out during playoffs. Participation medals will be given out at the last regular season game to half pint teams.

What about picture day ?

For the street hockey season only we will make available for purchase, team and individual photos of your child during the beginning of the season. We do not encourage or discourage the purchase of these photos, as the club does not use this as a fundraiser. We ask, if possible, your child be present for the team photo, as we use this as a memento for their coaches and team sponsors at the close of the season.

I have a problem what do I do ?

First speak with your coach about it, 2nd speak to your divisional manager or the league president.

I think the referring stinks what do I do ?

Call the referee coordinator and tell him you would like to be a referee.

I would like to coach but I don’t know enough about hockey to teach it to kids ?

We will teach you. You will be paired with a head coach and can learn at your own pace.

I or my company would be interested in sponsoring a team, what do I do ?

Sponsors are solicited for the Winter Street Hockey season ONLY. The cost to sponsor a team is $300.00. Your child will be placed on the team you sponsor.

How are teams made up ?
Each player is given a brief evaluation. This consists of the player stick handling the ball in a designated pattern in and around cones with or without skates depending on the season.

Each player is given a score by the MYSHA staff members on the rink.

Registration forms are separated into age divisions then put in order by scores, highest to lowest..

(The few highest scores are evaluated for playing up and the few lowest scores are evaluated for playing down. This is a case by case basis and the decision is made with league officials and the players parents. Playing up or down is NOT a common occurrence. )

Players who's parents are coaching or sponsoring a team are placed on the appropriate team.

For Half Pints the Half Pint Division Manager assigns the Teams. For Mighty Mite, Bantam and Cadet there is a Player Draft by the Division's coaches.

Forms are double checked to assure coach has his/her child on team, and that siblings are playing together.

** If you are coaching or have 2 children in 1 division it is a good idea to write "COACH" or "SIBLING" in the bottom left hand portion of the registration form.