To provide hockey to the youth of the community

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Parent's Code of Conduct


BE POSITIVE to all players, coaches, officials, and parents. Set a GOOD EXAMPLE. DON'T CRITICIZE your player. AVOID ALL VERBAL ABUSE.

Welcome visiting teams and treat them as you would like to be treated. APPLAUD the good plays of BOTH TEAMS. Encourage GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP.

ENJOY the game. Learn all you can about the game and VOLUNTEER to help.

ENCOURAGE your child to PLAY BY THE RULES. Remember children learn best by example.

Do not be critical of the hockey program, officials, or other players in front of your children.
If you have a problem, speak directly to the Manager, the Coach or a member of the Board.

BE POSITIVE. Applaud a good effort in both victory and defeat. Emphasize the positive
points of the game.

Recognize the importance of the volunteer coaches. They are important to the development of your child and the sport. Communicate with them and support them.

Youth activities provide each child with the opportunity to get to know other adults. Be interested in all the players, ask questions, congratulate them on their effort and achievements.

Be everything you want your child to be.

Parents Responsibilities:

Instruct child to keep equipment on before entering the rink, the entire time on the rink and to not remove any equipment until after leaving the rink