Moorestown Youth Street Hockey MYSHA

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Player's Code of Conduct


Play for FUN. Enjoy yourself. Be PROUD to be a MYSHA Youth Hockey STAR.

WORK HARD to improve your skills. Listen, ask questions, watch others to see how you can improve your skills and team play.

Learn SPORTSMANSHIP and SELF-DISCIPLINE. Set a positive example for others. It will make you a better player.

Be a TEAM PLAYER. Appreciate each person's contributions to the team. COOPERATE with your teammates and coaches. SUPPORT your team. Team spirit counts.

Be on time for practices and games. Be prepared to play hard, both mentally and physically, at the start of each game.

Play by the rules. Avoid retaliation, unsportsman-like conduct, and misconduct penalties.

Fighting is absolutely prohibited.

RESPECT your Coach, teammates, parents, opponents
, and officials.

NEVER ARGUE with the official's decision.

Learn to lose with dignity and win with grace.

Discipline: Any behavior that reflects poorly on the team during any team function will result in immediate disciplinary action as decided by the Coaches and/or the Discipline Committee.

Unsportsman like conduct will not be tolerated.


Players Responsibilities:

Have all equipment on BEFORE you enter the rink and do not remove any equipment until AFTER you leave the rink