Moorestown Youth Street Hockey MYSHA

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Coach's Code of Conduct


Winning is a consideration but not the only one, nor the most important one.
Care more about the child than about winning the game.

Be a positive role model to your players. Emphasize having fun. You provide leadership -

Be generous with your praise when it is deserved. Do not criticize players publicly.
Sandwich criticism with positive points. Give specific constructive feedback. Praise improvement.

Believe in each player and the assistant coaches. Be sincere in your interest in the players.
Respect the individual differences among people.

Organize practices that are fun and challenging for your players. Be prepared. Stay organized.
Do not ask anything of your players, other coaches, and parents that you do not ask and expect of yourself.

Maintain an open line of communication with the parents of your players.
Be available to listen to the concerns of your parents and players.

Be a leader. Stand up for the program. Set goals and rules for the team.
Make the program better because you participate.

Be appreciative of the efforts of others. They are volunteers too.

Don't get discouraged. People appreciate what you do. BE PATIENT.

Coaches Responsibilities:

Coach with good sportsmanship and NO profanity, despite
     what the other guy, team, coach, referee, parent, fan, kid
     or player is doing.

Advise all players to have equipment and helmet on (A MUST)
     before entering the rink, and to keep equipment on until
     after they leave the rink.   Advise parents to stay off the
     rink at all times.  Players who have their equipment on
     before entering the rink until after they leave the rink do
     not require any on the rink assistance from parents.

     This rule is for safety and must be enforced.

Check the score sheet for accuracy before leaving the
      rink.  League stats are taken from this form.

Note any injury, major penalty, or parent or fan disruption
     on the back of the score sheet and sign.

Play ALL players as fairly as possible in every game.

Coaches must read all coaching information posted on the web page, so they will know what their responsibilites are.